Empowering Digital Futures: Connecting Talent and Opportunity in Antwerp



Problem Statement: Young professionals in Flanders need to develop a proficient understanding of key digital technologies that are in high-demand across industries in order to better equip them to meet the new challenges and demands of the European labor market. There is also a lack of initiatives focused on the development of these skills and understanding in Antwerp and the Flemish region in general.


Target Group: Young professionals, promising startups and scaleups, freelancers, and young university students in Antwerp.


Proposed Solution: The British Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Global Shapers (Antwerp), will organize a fair and/or panel discussion aimed at showcasing various opportunities for young professionals to access training and education in digital skills that complement sectoral competences. The event will highlight the European Commission and Parliament’s efforts to improve higher education and training in digital skills and the potential contributions of BritCham and Global Shapers stakeholders to the priorities of the European Year of Skills program.


Organizing the project in Antwerp allows Global Shapers to engage with the city's growing ecosystem of startups and SMEs, as well as tap into the opportunities presented by the Port of Antwerp, a major economic driver undergoing digital transformation. By collaborating with local universities and institutions, the project can promote digital skills and create synergies in the development and implementation of training programs. Additionally, hosting the event in Antwerp expands Britcham's reach and impact beyond the Brussels Bubble, contributing to a more digitally skilled workforce throughout Belgium and establishing a stronger presence for the organization.


Hub Activities:


  1. Organize a half-day exhibition featuring stakeholders from the wider digital sector, including ICT, FinTech, and analytics, as well as higher-education partners presenting their course offers.


  1. Host a panel discussion with the European Commission/Parliament, BritCham members, and higher-education stakeholders on the European Year of Skills program, private sector facilitation of digital skills access, and university strategies.


  1. Conduct an interactive Q&A session with attendees.


  1. Organize a networking cocktail reception.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:


  • Improve young professionals' access to digital training and certification programs.

  • Share information on current issues facing the European labor market, skill shortages, and the need to meet the demands of digital transformation.

  • Connect young professionals with the BritCham and Global Shapers networks and the European institutions.


Available Metrics:


  • Feedback from speakers and participants through a post-event survey.

  • Press coverage

  • Number of participants