Empowering kids through Vision

One-third of the global population lives with uncorrected poor vision and suffers its consequences. Poor vision is the world’s leading disability, with 2.5 billion people suffering from uncorrected poor vision because they are either not aware of the importance of good vision, don't have access to eye care professionals or cannot afford glasses. According to the data from the Republic of Albania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, around 30% of Albanian children suffer from undiagnosed vision problems.

Shapers are involved in the implementation of an initiative from Vision for Life - Essilor Social Impact to eradicate poor vision in Albania by ensuring that every child receives the eye care they need. Over a period of six months, the Tirana Hub will reach out to 15’000 children, their teachers and families in order to increase awareness about children’s vision and eye health and ensure all children have access to diagnosis, vision correction and sight protection.

The project aims to accomplish the following goals:

-      Conduct vision screening and ophthalmologic visits for 15’000 children, aged 6 to 16, studying in 30 primary schools in Tirana and two major Albanian cities (Elbasan and Durres)

-      Increase early detection and treatment of vision problems

-      Provide glasses produced by Essilor International free-of-charge for disadvantaged children

-      Increase access to and utilisation of vision health services in hard to reach communities

-      Strengthen state-wide partnerships and coordination among key stakeholders in children’s vision and eye health