Empowering Pakistan's Youth for Civic Engagement

Problem Statement: Pakistan faces a challenge of low civic engagement among its youth. Many young Pakistanis lack awareness of the parliamentary machinery, their constitutional rights, and the importance of participating in democratic processes. This disengagement hinders the development of a responsive and accountable government.

Target Group: The project was designed to empower citizens and increase awareness of their rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan.

Proposed Solutions: The project, "Empowering Pakistan's Youth for Civic Engagement," addressed this problem through a multi-faceted approach:

  • Educational Workshop and Seminar: Conducted interactive workshop and seminar to educate young people about the Constitution of Pakistan, parliamentary procedures, and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

  • Collaborative Events: Organized forums, debate and discussion to encourage youth to express their opinions, engage in constructive dialogue, and build consensus on important social and political issues.

Project Objectives:

  • Awareness Sessions: Arranged seminar and workshop at Lahore School of Law and also held awareness talks with the general public at market places.

  • Assessment: Students were trained and made aware about their rights enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan and to assess their learning they were asked to prepare a public service message for the general public explaining basic fundamental rights. They also carried out awareness campaign in various campuses and market places by distributing awareness posters.

  • Desired Impact: The hub desired to foster an informed and engaged youth population in Pakistan that actively participates in the democratic process, advocates for their rights, and contributes to policy-making for a more just and equitable society.

Measurable Goals:

  • Conducted 4 educational workshops and seminars reaching 50+ young participants

  • Reaching more than 5,000 people through social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn


  • Youth General Assembly

  • Fahad Shahbaz Foundation

  • Rehnuma Law & Policy Consultants

  • Alkhidmat Foundation

  • Lahore School of Law