Empowering the Next Generation of European Leaders

Global Shapers Antwerp is partnering with Europe 101 to empower young individuals in Europe. Europe 101 offers a free online leadership development program tailored for 18-25 year-olds living in or from Europe. Thanks to this partnership we'll be able to recruit and empower young talents from Antwerp and Flanders. The program introduces the 'Liquid Leadership' model, a new leadership paradigm co-created by young European leaders. Over a span of four weeks, participants engage in online content, live Zoom workshops, and networking sessions. The initiative emphasizes accessibility, community-building, and personal and professional development.


  • Goal: To provide an inclusive and flexible online platform that caters to various learning styles and schedules.

  • Impact: Young individuals, regardless of their learning preferences or time constraints, can access valuable leadership content and engage in live sessions.


  • Goal: To foster a sense of community among young European leaders from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

  • Impact: Participants will enhance their Cultural Intelligence (CQ), harness the power of diversity, and establish connections with both peers and established European leaders.


  • Goal: To facilitate personal and professional growth among participants.

  • Impact: Graduates will not only gain a certificate of learning and an online micro-credential but will also join the Europe101 Alumni network. This credentialing showcases their commitment to personal development and their vision for a lasting European legacy.