Empowering Youth for Climate Action

Problem Statement: A lack of active engagement and awareness among youth regarding climate change and nature conservation.

Desired Impact: Mobilized and empowered young individuals to actively contribute to climate change mitigation and nature conservation.

Hub Activities: Implement a rapid and interactive workshop series focused on educating and empowering youth with practical skills and knowledge to address climate change issues at the local level.

Project Goals:

  1. Train at least 50 youth members on climate change fundamentals.

  2. Develop and execute three small-scale, impactful nature conservation initiatives.

  3. Create and distribute educational materials reaching a minimum of 500 individuals through online and offline channels.

Project Metrics:

  • Number of Awareness Sessions: Conducted a virtual session engaging students from all over Lahore. The session aimed to empower the youth to raise their voices about climate justice and advocate for policies that could mitigate the effects of climate change in Pakistan. Participants were asked to spread awareness about climate change through a placard campaign.

  • Survey with University Students: Conducted a survey with the students at the University of Lahore and raised awareness about climate change to motivate them to take actions that are beneficial to the environment.

  • Plant Distribution Activity: Participants in this project also took part in a plantation distribution activity organized in collaboration with Fahad Shahbaz Foundation, Alkhidmat Foundation, and Make Pakistan Green. People were given free plants and were guided about the benefits of planting trees for a greener Pakistan.


  • Alkhidmat Foundation

  • Fahad Shahbaz Foundation

  • Make Pakistan Green

  • University of Lahore