equi - transgender inclusion in the job market

The challenge we are adressing

Brazil has one of the world’s highest transgender murder rates. Belo Horizonte Shapers believe ending gender bias means uplifting everyone on the gender spectrum who has been denied opportunities and are aiming to reverse this trend. In partnership with local organizations, the hub’s project Equi is assisting transgender people with training and build corporate awareness with the goal of increasing transgender inclusion in the job market.

Watch the teaser of the project.

About equi

The project has three pillars: (1) data mapping, (2) creating awareness within companies and (3) training sessions for transgender people.

  • On data mapping, the goal is to answer the following questions: Who are the trans people of Belo Horizonte? What is their sociodemographic profile? What are the needs and goals of this group? The goal is to conduct this mapping and have data to share with local initiatives and public power.

  • The work with companies is focused on promoting awareness sessions inside companies to start a conversation and gradually promote more workplaces open to hiring transgender people.

  • Finally, throughout the project, Belo Horizonte shapers, in partnership with local initiatives, are promoting workshops and training cycles based on the identified needs of trans people with the goal of preparing them for the job market. Given the conjuncture in which trans people live, there's also psychological and legal support to all participants of the program.

Preliminary Results

We are still running the project. Here are a few preliminary results:

  • For executing the project, we have involved four local initiatives (20+ transgender partners).

  • We have mapped almost 100 transgender people from Belo Horizonte (that may be used for public policies or other initiatives)

  • We have held a workshop for 5 transgender people on how to build their curriculum and how to behave in job interviews.

  • We have led a workshop on transgender inclusion in the job market in partnership with WeWork for 12 companies from the mining sector. There were 41 participants. After the event, 30 participants demonstrated the will to replicate the workshop within their own companies.

  • We have supported 10 transgender with the legal bureaucracy of changing their social names;

  • We have employed 4 transgenders by connecting companies to transgender professionals.

  • The training sessions which will resume by July 15th is planned for 15+ transgender participants.