EndSARS: Healing Together

In an unprecedented turn of events, the youth-led #ENDSARS protests against police brutality in Nigeria, turned ghastly with scores of protestors dead and wounded from live ammunition fired at peaceful, defenseless protestors. The violent images of dead bodies, open gunshot wounds, bullets, and stories of refusal by security agents to allow ambulance services to take care of the wounded, have left thousands more Nigerians emotionally brutalized and traumatized. Today, young people in Nigeria need psychosocial support in order to begin to heal from the distressing events that have continued to haunt so many. In the absence of public mental health services to cater to the needs of young people, the [Nigerian Hubs] wish to scale-up crisis support services to 5,000 young Nigerians across the country. We will provide free, tailored and interactive virtual crisis coping sessions that will be led by trained and licensed therapists. Through these sessions, we will raise awareness among young people about the need for mental health services during a crisis, and support young people who may need additional services to seek the help that they need.