Entrepreneurship Program for Reskilling Morelia

Problem Statement

Michoacan is one of the main States in Mexico in which young people try to emigrate to Unites States. It is estimated that currently there are more than 4 million Michoacan people in USA. This is a powerful statistic as there is less than 5 million people currently living in Michoacan.

The main reason of this situation is the lack of job opportunities for young people and the bad conditions of the jobs offer. Mexico has the lower minimum wage of the OCDE with $3,323 dollars per year.

On the other hand, the average income of entrepreneurs in Mexico is of $8,000 USD per year. And in categories related to high engineering development, this average wage increases for both entrepreneurs and employees.

Target Group:

Young people from 18 to 23 years, who want to create new opportunities by developing their own projects.

Proposed Solution

Provide youth with quality education, skills and jobs to ensure no one is left behind, along with promoting new standards of work, digital literacy, online safety and more.

Hub Activities

This projects consisted of :

  • Helping young people to generate a wide vision of professional opportunities

  • Encouraging them to choose careers with a better probability to improve their life quality by getting better jobs or by generating their own opportunities through entrepreneurship.

In order to achieve the above, this project offered young people 4 different conferences about business and technological opportunities for them.

Participants were trained in a workshop in which we worked on soft skills with them. This first workshop's objective was to help them increase their self confidence and generate interest in the following activities of the program; Set up a Free Startup-weekend for undeserved youth. This is a training program in which they worked hard as well as soft skills during 3 different days. In this training they received many entrepreneurship tools to develop different skills, for example: communication, collaboration, creativity, emotional intelligence, among others.

We decided to use this methodology because it has been approved by experts in many countries.

Finally, the young participants were advised through individual sessions by experts during a period of 6 months. This, in order to help them to improve their business model as well as finish their learning.

Short-term Goals:

  • 300 young participants impacted

  • 80 hours of training per participant

Long-Term Change:

  • Soft and hard Skills developed

  • Better job opportunities for them

  • Successful entrepreneurship projects


Available Metrics

  • 300 young people trained, strengthening their knowledge and abilities preparing them for the future of jobs.

  • Projects executed: 10 different multidisciplinary projects generated during the program.