Environment for Equity

Today, the majority of collected plastic waste is burned and reused to produce asphalt for roads. The remaining floods rivers and canals. The city of Venice is no exception.

The project Environment for Equity aims to drive action to safeguard the environment and to foster the recycling of plastic bottles by providing a circular life cycle to PET plastics consumed and discarded in the abovementioned municipality. This objective will be reached through collaboration with Coripet, a manufacturer of ecological bins. In detail, such bins will be collocated in strategic privately-owned locations across the city. Such a decision has a twofold benefit. In the first place, it provides tax discounts for increased recycling to the business responsible for the geographical area. In the second place, the population will receive economic benefits on transportation tickets or other expenses by delivering plastic bottles in the technological containers. Hence, the local territory does not only reduce pollution, but also ensures a more equal society.

Since the launch of the project, both Coripet and the city of Venice have approved the solution. Global Shapers Venice Hub aims to install the first bins by the end of the current year.