#Equivalientes is the Global Shapers Bogotá gender protect. The goal is to bring gender awareness in the city, especially to men. The strategy we use is to generate activities that go directly against the status quo. For the 25th of November 2018, in commemoration of the International Day Against Women’s Violence, the Hub facilitated more than 400 conversations with men about gender equality. In 2019 the Hub created 'Machos Anónimos', a series of unique spaces of dialogue for men to talk about gender issues such as relationships, privileges, gender roles.

The hub has developed a simple methodology where the conversations are facilitated with cards that have guiding questions. Each card has a different topic. In that way, we can replicate it easily in different spaces. With Machos Anónimos the Hub aims to bring men into the gender conversations. By the end of 2019, the project expects to impact at least 1,000 men through gender awareness. The Hub will also be developing workshops in schools and universities. So far we have impacted around 500 persons and the Bogotá Hub is proactively encouraging other Global Shapers Hubs to replicate the Machos Anonimos project.