EUnite Bilbao

#EUnite was born as a collective effort of 30+ Hubs to celebrate Unity in Diversity on the annual Europe Day in May 2020 despite the upheaval posed by the COVID-19 pandemic that had challenged all EU Member States individually and as a block. In this trying historic moment, young people of Europe craved more than ever to connect in a meaningful way to uphold the values of cohesion and solidarity above national divides.

From Bilbao Hub we were active member on leading the activities and as a Hub we not only contributed to the collective initiatives but generated some movement in our hub. The main activities were:

_The creation of a EU bookled with questions and games to deepen the knowledge of people about Europe. Although it was first addressed to kids, it ended up having a very wide so all ages could play. The booklet was distributed to some schools that shared it with students and families in their classes to have kids learning something while having fun in the lockdown time.

_A re-write of the Anthem of Europe version and the recording and edition of a multi-shaper, multi hub concert. One of our shapers is both a musician and composer and lead a group of shapers to play a version of the European Anthem from their countries and homes. 

_Contribution to the communication campaign with the social media reach out and the materials generated collectively.

In 2021 the Bilbao hub committed to be part of the leading group as well as generating actions at the local level and that involve the European-Basque structure.