EUnite Turin

Turin Hub co-creates EUnite, an international programme launched in 2020 during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic to celebrate the Day of Europe in a meaningful way. Turin Shapers have contributed to the first edition with a video made by 13 Hub Members.


In 2021 Turin Hub is represented in the international core team coordinating the second edition, and has organized a series of intergenerational discussions for local communities of Turin:


15 May 2021 Europa, la nostra terra • What do the EU institutions do to protect our natural environment? With Luigi Riccardo

22 May 2021Europa delle donne • How has the situation of women in Europe improved since the beginning of the European integration process? What else do we still need to do? With Dafne Sgarra

29 May 2021Europa virtuale • GDPR. How do the European institutions protect our personal data? With Fabio Cassanelli


The meetings will be held on Zoom with participants invited through several partner organizations that represent local communities, including the MFE Torino, GFE Torino, MSOI Torino, TEDx Torino, Limes Club Cisalpino, Amnesty International Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta. Each meeting will include a short introduction provided by Turin Shapers, followed by a moderated discussion in breakout rooms. We hope to create favourable conditions for the "young Turin" and "wise Turin" to exchange perspectives and spark new ideas and collaborations. The meetings will be held in Italian language. They will be private (not recorded or streamed), but the registration is open for all.


Additionally, within EUnite 2021, Turin Hub has launched an international campaign Europe Is The State Of Mind. We invite Europeans of all ages and backgrounds to share what does "being European" mean to them.


Our goal is to bring together key representatives of various local associations and create a space for interaction, sharing insights and sparking new collaborations.

We will deem the project successful if at least 8 people actively participate in each meeting and respond with a positive feedback in the feedback survey that we are going to carry out after the conclusion of the project.


On Instagram there are nearly 60 million photos (!) with a hashtag #polishgirl. There are millions of #italiangirls and #frenchgirls and so on. There’s also half a million pictures tagged #europeangirl and some 50 thousand tagged #europeanboy… and barely 12 thousand tagged #afroeuropean.

Within the EUnite campaign, we would like to “take over” the hashtags #europeangirl #europeanboy #european #eurasian and #afroeuropean to showcase the true diversity of European faces and mainstream the concept that “being European” is independent from a persons ethnicity. We would also like to explore the multidimensionality of the “European identity”, considering that it overlaps with a national identity or multiple national and other identities. The campaign also aims at affirming the successes of the EU policies in driving social inclusion and empowerment of women and minories, including LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.

We will deem the campaign successful if by the end of May we collect at least 20 entries from people outside of the Turin Hub, and if the combined gallery published on our Facebook page reaches over 1000 users.