EUnite Nice

#EUnite was born as a collective effort of 30+ Hubs to celebrate “Unity in Diversity” on the annual Europe Day in May 2020 despite the upheaval posed by the COVID-19 pandemic that had challenged all EU Member States individually and as a block. In this trying historic moment, young people of Europe craved more than ever to connect in a meaningful way to uphold the values of cohesion and solidarity above national divides.

Within the project, over 120 Shapers have created contents for a social media campaign, developed educational materials for high schools, and organized a number of digital events spanning interviews, contests, artistic performances and social gatherings. Combining a significant organic reach on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with appearances in traditional outlets (Italian L’Espresso, Portugese Observador - Audiências), the project has received an enthusiastic response from observers and participants all around Europe.

In early March 2021, a cross-hub core team re-emerged to plan and implement the second edition of the project. From 3rd March to 3rd May 2021 the team holds regular weekly meetings - open to all Shapers - dedicated to project development.