Facing Urban Violences

This is an initiative by the Global Shapers Lyon Hub aims to engage youth from French fragile neighborhoods in activities that promote peaceful conflict resolution. The project provides a safe space for youth to express themselves, build relationships, and learn skills to navigate conflicts in non-violent ways.

The primary goal of the Youth Empowerment Project is to reduce the incidence of violence in French fragile neighborhoods by engaging youth in peaceful conflict resolution. The project aims to achieve this by providing a safe and supportive space for youth to express themselves and build relationships with peers and mentors, promoting the development of positive communication skills, and offering opportunities for youth to engage with other individuals from different areas.

Impact: The impact will be measured by the number of youth who participate in the project's initiatives, the number of conflicts resolved peacefully, and the reduction of violence in the neighborhoods categorized as ZAD (zone à defendre). The project will be monitored for its reach and impact, and feedback from youth and community members will be collected to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. Ultimately, the project's impact will be seen in the increased social cohesion, reduced violence, and improved quality of life in French fragile neighborhoods.