Fashion Swap Budaiya

Problem Statement: Fast fashion pollutes our planet and exploits our people. This industry responsible for a shocking 8% of global carbon emissions (UNEP) encourages a throwaway culture, with clothes worn an average of 7 times before being discarded (Barnados). Consumers, particularly those aged 18-35, buy 60% more clothing than 15 years ago, only to keep them for half as long, creating mountains of textile waste. Worse, fast fashion often hides behind a veil of unethical and hazardous labor practices.

Target Group: Eco-conscious individuals aged 18-35, reached through social media platforms of participating collaborators.

Proposed Solution: A Community Fashion Swap! This event aims to:

  • Break the stigma: By fostering a vibrant community atmosphere, we remove the impersonal feel of traditional second-hand shopping and make pre-loved clothes feel desirable again.

  • Raise awareness: A screening of the eye-opening documentary "The True Cost" followed by a discussion with Sustainable Fashion advocate The Undressed Co. sheds light on the hidden costs of fast fashion, exposing the human and environmental exploitation behind those trendy threads.

  • Empower sustainable choices: The swap offers a platform for exchanging clothes in good condition, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

  • Additionally, participants can donate unwanted items for upcycling, giving them a second life.

Hub Activities: Partnered with collaborators like Global Shapers Hubs, The Undressed Co., and Higher Grounds Café to create a welcoming and engaging event space. Curated a selection of pre-loved clothes for the swap, ensuring quality and variety. Hosted a screening of "The True Cost" followed by a thought-provoking discussion with The Undressed Co. Facilitated the exchange of clothes and provided guidance on fair swapping practices. Offered a donation option for unwanted items to be upcycled by Kiswa.

Short-Term Impact: 80 items swapped: Clothes found new homes, reducing waste and promoting circularity. 30 attendees engaged: The conversation sparked awareness about the fast fashion issue and inspired conscious consumerism. Long-Term Vision: Cultivate a community of mindful consumers: We aim to inspire a shift towards sustainable fashion choices and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their clothing. Reduce the environmental and social footprint of fashion: By encouraging responsible consumption and supporting ethical brands, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet and its people.

Metrics for Success:

  • Future fashion swaps organized by partners: Increased engagement and lasting impact beyond the initial event.

  • Growing awareness about fast fashion: Measured through social media engagement, media coverage, and community discussions.

  • Expansion of the conscious consumer community: Tracking online groups, forums, and initiatives promoting sustainable fashion.

Collaborators: Global Shapers Manama Hub The Undressed Co. Higher Grounds Café Kiswa

By joining the movement, participating in community fashion swaps, and supporting sustainable fashion initiatives, we can break free from the fast fashion trap and build a more ethical and planet-friendly wardrobe. Together, we can rewrite the narrative of fashion, one swap at a time. Let's make a conscious statement with our clothes!