Shaping Fashion Istanbul

Joining forces with Shaping Fashion in 2019, this project had both environmental and societal significant positive impacts: the initiative enabled turning (daily 100 to 150) tonnes of textile waste that are thrown away in clothing confections every single day at only one district of Istanbul into upcycled sustainable textile lines. Istanbul Hub has become a part of The Sustainable Fashion Platform (SFP) in Turkey based on the sharing of knowledge, experiences, ideas to create a planet-friendly textile and fashion ecosystem - they built a working committee there on textile waste to scale the impact by bringing more than 10 key stakeholders to combine their efforts. In addition to partnering with social entrepreneurs and universities, an online live session on Sustainable Denim with innovative approaches such as consuming 80% less water for Denim production, has been recorded and added as an online course module into the official distance education system of the university. The course module has availability to reach over 1,000 registered students in this system which allows to extend the higher-education curriculum with sustainable textile.