Feeding the Marginalized

For the sustained prosperity of the country, eradication of poverty from its big cities is an indispensable requirement. The Faisalabad Hub Global Shapers started working on different projects with the aim of reducing and ultimately eliminating starvation and hunger from Faisalabad. The hub believes in taking that first step towards community welfare and development to inspire others and especially the youth to make wise decisions. Every day, project volunteers deliver leftover food from restaurants to the people who cannot afford two meals a day. The volunteers go to the doors of pre-identified and verified poor households to distribute the meals among them. Presently, volunteers are serving 70-100 free food packages per day to the needy who are unable to provide for the needs of their families. As restaurants closed due to Covid-19 are resuming their operations again, the team's capacity to serve is expected to increase up to 200 meals per day in the coming few weeks. The team is working on several initiatives to expand the hunger-free zone in Faisalabad and is in continuous search for making the most beneficial use of leftovers which will ultimately eliminate food-wasting within Faisalabad. Until now, we have distributed over twenty-eight thousand (28,000) meals under this program. This single project has the capacity to eliminate hunger as well as food wastage within the city.