Feel Out Loud

Mental health and illnesses is an issue that is still considered a taboo in our country unfortunately, especially amongst young people. The project -Feel Out Loud- aims at creating local clubs in universities to open the conversation about mental health, how to address it and how we can help those suffering. The clubs will be self-organized by students around a yearly programming of actions and supervised by our hub project team. We wanna create a safe space for learning and speaking up about mental issues. Our target for university students is to help them in their critical time and right before joining the world of labor in order to build mentally strong and conscient young people.

Short term: Destigmatize mental problems and raise awareness about mental health amongst university students by creating a safe space for students on Montal healh (1-2 clubs in universities per term) 

Long term : Offer psychological first aid courses for club members. They can in their turn teach others in their university and help those in need using our prevention toolkit.