Feti Corona (Fight COVID-19)

With a looming financial crisis and health care system that is not optimally capacitated for dealing with a large scale epidemic, the spread of the coronavirus in Suriname would only make the situation of many inhabitants more desperate. There are parts of our society that are out of reach of sufficient factual information regarding the novel coronavirus, the implications of an epidemic in Suriname and the measures taken to prevent this. People do not understand that the seriousness of the situation will worsen with effects from the coronavirus and will only become visible when it is too late to take drastic measures.

It is thus important that everyone does their part in preventing the rapid spread of COVID-19. At the same time it is important that people find out what for them is the best way to deal with the 'new normal' situation of social distancing. One way of doing this, is by leading through example and sharing this information with others.  

Our project aims to:
1. Reach as many groups in society as possible by supporting the production and dissemination of factual information regarding covid-19 
2. Motivate people to keep healthy and make the best out of social distancing by sharing examples and challenging others to do the same

- Reach out to other organisations to support dissemination of factual information
- Through video compilations, share messages from citizens on our social media platforms to stay home and what you can do to stay mentally healthy
- Start a #FetiCoronaChallenge by letting shapers take over the hub's instagram account each day for a week to share how they handle social distancing, staying at home and other measures. The next phase is to expand the challenge by nominating others participate in the challenge.
- Produce a voice-over info-mercial in the local language on what it means to flatten the curve and why it is important. 
- Use facebook live to feature talks with experts in different fields and making it interactive by responding to questions from viewers (shared beforehand or in the comments)

Other activities are still pending.