Fighting Climate Departure: Energy Efficiency through Solar Power

Problem Statement

The electricity costs to operate the Riverton Early Childhood Education Centre has often impeded its ability to implement planned programmes and serve a larger demography of students. The Solar PV system project aims to ‘offset’ electricity costs in the operation of the centre, redirecting these funds to its feeding programme and smart room initiative.

Target group

The primary target group are children three (3) to six (6) years old in the Riverton Meadows community. The indirect target group includes families and community members of Riverton City who are a part of the parenting and youth programmes or who use the computer centre and pop-up medical clinic services at the centre.

Proposed solution

The hub aims to install a Solar PV system that should reduce the centers electric bill by 70-80 percent. The funds saved from the reduction in operational costs will be redirected into the centre's feeding programmes and “Smart Room initiative”.

Hub activities

Procurement and installation of the Solar PV System. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Electric bill and PV System. Behaviour change management around climate change issues and renewable energy solutions.

Project goals

Short term goals: Install the Solar PV System in 2024.

Long term goals: Educate the community on the benefits of solar energy, emission reduction and the career paths available in renewable energy.

Project's available metrics

Reduction of the electric operational bill of the centre by 70 - 80%. This will be measured through the comparison of operational costs especially electric bills and energy consumption before and after system installation.

The project collaborators include the St. Patrick’s Foundation/Riverton Meadows Early Childhood Education Center, and any other entities that may be deemed beneficial to the projects success overall.

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