Finance Your Life (Financial Literacy)

There is a gap in the education and understanding of various financial areas.

In Greece:

  • 55% of Greek Adults are financial illiterate (S&P Global FinLit Survey)

  • Economic Crisis in Greece showed us that there is a gap in financial education. In prosperity years, we adopted bad spending, savings and investment habits, which is an indicator why the economic Crisis in Greece last so long.

"Finance Your Life" is the first “virtual school” for Greek young people, using a ready-to-go ed-tech platform,, with the goal of helping them understand basic Personal Finance issues by asking questions and receiving answers from specialized mentors according to their needs.

"Finance your life" gives the ability to young people in Greece to raise questions, related to personal finances, based on their learning needs and their knowledge level, so they can deepen their understanding in the topics that matters most to them. In the long-term, "Finance your life" aims to become the go-to learning platform for practical education regarding personal financials management and other relevant financial topics, shaping a more educated, responsible and informed younger generation.