Visions for Skopje and North Macedonia 2070

There is no long-term vision among the different stakeholders and there is a lack of continuity in governance between the changing governments, leading to limited development and progress as a society. For over 30 years (since the independence from 1991), we, as a society has been “stuck.”

Project Activities: We will produce Guides for Visions (vision documents) for the next 50 years that will help the City of Skopje and the Republic of North Macedonia to improve the quality of life for its citizens and residents and ensure they stay in the top 5% of cities and countries in Europe and the world. The Guide for Macedonia contains 176 visions spanning 16 categories, ranging from quality of life to agriculture, tourism, and digital infrastructure development. The visions will be developed based on a consultation process with relevant stakeholders. They will be promoted through an extensive social media campaign with specific visuals. 

Why we chose 50-year visions? The average person’s mortgage is 30 years, the average work-life spans 40 years before a person can benefit from a full-retirement, and a city or a country should not vision for less than an individual does. Furthermore, world-renowned institutions and organizations such as Harvard University, the European Union or the United States started out as visions on an open-field or written on a piece of paper.

 ·       Our aim is to foster a public debate about the future of our city (Skopje 2070) and country (Macedonia 2070) and encourage stakeholders from the private, public, academic, and civil society sectors to actively work towards achieving the visions outlined in the documents;

·      For the first two years (2020-2022) is to contribute to the development, harmonization, and promotion of the indicators that the private, public, academic, and civil society sectors will use to monitor the progress towards achieving the visions;

·    The strategies and action plans at every level in Macedonian society will be guided by these long-term visions that will ensure continuity in their design and implementation;

·   Monitor and measure the short, medium, and long-term progress towards the realization of the visions with the widely accepted and recognized measurable indicators;

·   Build a culture that continues to set ambitious visions with the aim of improved quality of life and works towards accomplishing them after the completion of the visions Skopje 2070 and Macedonia 2070, so that there are visions for Skopje and Macedonia for 2120, 2170, and so on. 

The Visions for Skopje 2070 can be found on the following link:

The Visions for North Macedonia 2070 can be found on the following link: