Financial Literacy Educational Project - Children's Book Gurugram

Problem Statement: Less than one-third of India’s population is financially literate. But being financially literate more often than not saves people from drowning in debt.

Project Target Group: Children from 8-12 years old.

Proposed Solution:

  1. Focusing on children as a vulnerable group: Existing evidence shows that tailored financial knowledge support must start as early as possible in order to embed the knowledge of basic financial concepts comprehensively in the population

  2. Conducting live reading sessions in government schools to assess awareness and knowledge levels of basic financial concepts of young students.

  3. Targeting partners (both for distribution and translation to other regional languages) within and outside the Global Shapers Community.

Hub Activities: As part of this project, the Gurugram Hub has translated the book into Hindi and adapted it to fit the Indian context and culture. The project team is now looking for partners and planning to launch the book in an event in the beginning of 2024 to disseminate the book to local schools and stakeholders.

Short-Term Goal: Finalizing the book, establishing partnerships, conducting live-reading workshops/assessments for two schools, initiating regional translations via hubs in India.

Long-Term Goal: With the help of the book as a starter, the hub hopes for children in the future to be more interested and question themselves about financial literacy concepts, generating good financial habit conversations with their peers, family and educators. Marked improvement in financial literacy awareness (determined through baseline/endline assessments)

Available Metrics:

  • # children reached

  • # of schools reached

  • Financial literacy awareness (% improvement)

  • # of boys impacted

  • # of girls impacted

  • # of live reading sessions conducted

  • # of books disseminated

Collaborators: Global Shapers Lisbon Hub