Financial Literacy Educational Project - Children's Book Manila

Problem Statement: As of July 2023, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) published a study finding that only 1% of Filipino adults were able to correctly answer questions on financial literacy. A global study found that the Philippines ranks in the bottom 30 of 144 countries surveyed for financial literacy.

Target Group: School-age kids, ~10 years old

Proposed Solution: To instill the foundations of financial literacy through a book, originally created by the Lisbon hub, and learning sessions with students and teachers. Involving local organizations will also go towards developing a financially literate local community.

Hub Activities:

  • Translation and printing of the financial literacy children's book

  • Identification of target group - finalization with two 4th grade classes in Pasay City, Metro Manila

  • Learning sessions with teachers and students

  • Pre- and post-testing of participants

Goal: Improve foundations of financial literacy


  • Attendees

  • Pre- and post-test scores


  • Local schools

  • Local student financial associations