Financial Literacy for Young People in North Macedonia

The project Financial Literacy for young people in North Macedonia is a long-lasting project implemented by a team of shapers from Skopje Hub.

A large proportion of young people in our country does not have the basic financial knowledge. Almost half could answer financial knowledge questions correctly, as concluded in the report prepared for the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia. This project will target the young people on a national level through many activities such as raising awareness campaigns, workshops, and fostering cooperation with different stakeholders. 

Impact: Furnish young people with financial literacy skills through workshops and experiential learning. Additionally, there will be training for 5-10 young people to become trainers for financial literacy skills.


  •  To increase knowledge, interest, and awareness of young people on financial topics through their involvement in serial of different project activities (training, workshops and others).

  • Foster development of a long-lasting network with the relevant institutions (National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia), local organizations (such as businesses, CSOs, students’ organizations, and others), higher education institutions, and individuals (interested young people).

  • To increase public awareness through promotion on local web platforms, social media, local portals, and magazines. 

Project Activities:

1. Organized 5 educational webinars via Zoom on various topics related to financial literacy, including how businesses responded to the COVID-19 crisis, financial frauds and money laundering, financial stability in times of a global pandemic (private sector aspect), financial stability in times of a global pandemic (public sector aspect), and managing personal finances.

 2. Shared articles about the project and its impact on 5 local web portals

3. Published article about financial literacy, tips for young people, and the project’s work in a youth magazine

4. Carried out a social media campaign which resulted in reaching more than 38,156 people

5. Collaborated with 4 local as well as international organizations for the purposes of the project and its activities

6. Signed memorandum for collaboration with the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia for mutual facilitation of upcoming activities, including training for trainers on financial literacy.