Financial Literacy Initiative

It is estimated that while India accommodates around 20% of the total world population, only about 24% of the Indian population is aware of basic financial concepts. 


The Financial Literacy Initiative recognises the need for increasing access to financial education and aims to train people who are typically underprivileged in financial literacy and investing practices. The project will focus on two important aspects of financial literacy:

  • Teaching people the value of saving while increasing the access to banks through government and private schemes

  • Increasing awareness on types of invests and insurance, with a special emphasis on retirement planning. 

The goal of the project is to incorporate story-telling as a technique to facilitate financial literacy and reach over 500 people by the end of 2023 in the region of Navi Mumbai. The workshops are conducted using interactive stories, and games and in vernacular languages as well. The hub has partnered with local schools, non-profits and household-staff communities to ensure that the audience can have an impactful learning from the workshops. 

Three workshops impacting 50 people have already been conducted in 2022 in partnerships with different hubs and non-profits.