Financial literacy and the capabilities it can bring with it is a fundamental skill that is not taught in schools - a skill that many South Africans need, but do not have. A lot of information relating to financial literacy is available online (but even that would pose a problem to find because people often do not know where to look). The FinLitAccess4Youth project aims to bridge this gap through the provision of quality financial education material and activities that will capacitate high school learners with financial literacy information.


  • The additional challenge this project aims to confront is the unstable access to digital information that many have, due to a lack of access to data/wifi. This project will look to print books - Mlamuli Mbambo's 'Winning the Money Game' - and distribute them to selected high schools in Johannesburg. 

  • The project will also include workshops on financial literacy at the schools where the books will be distributed and it will be supplemented with activities and workbooks and ongoing individual support with the high school students. 


This project aims to provide a quality education intervention (specifically targeting financial literacy) by distributing 500 books to 500 students. It aims to provide continuous support and learning to the beneficiaries to support the students in managing their personal finances for an improved economic and social standing beyond high school. 


The project aims to make a tangible difference in how young people think about money, manage it, and use it for economic and social mobility.