Firebolt: Mass Awareness Tool for Spreading Authentic Information About COVID-19

Firebolt is a mass awareness tool through which only short, concise and accurate information can be distributed to the public. Not only this, people who show interest in registering themselves as volunteers with several health related organizations and institutes for spreading authentic information can be accurately tracked along with other necessary details to guide them further on the registration and information distribution process. This is the quickest and most cost effective way to exponentially distribute accurate information to an organically growing user base, comprised of people who refer at least 3 other people in their immediate circle, to multiply the momentum of the COVID-19 global awareness campaign and fight the spread of misinformation that is prevalent on social media.

Firebolt launched a small and successful awareness campaign in Lahore city through which we were able to broadcast authentic and verified information related to COVID-19 to public. 

COVID-19 Awareness data based on phone numbers, location, signups and referrals is stored in Firebolt's dashboard which can be easily tracked to correlate success of campaign and tracking it in real time.