First Nations Voice Referendum

The Australian Indigenous Voice referendum is scheduled for the 14th of October 2023. According to activists in the community, it has been understood that young people are not very engaged in the discussions around the referendum, and those that are, have trouble having meaningful and constructive conversations with their family and colleagues.

This is an initiative to address this issue by building civic engagement among the Adelaide community around referendum. The hub aims to educate and build awareness in a non-partisan manner, through a series of information sessions, about the legal, political and social contexts surrounding the referendum, and dispel prevalent mis- and dis-information about the referendum.

The goals of the project are the following

  1. To ensure that more young people vote in the referendum than would have if they didn't attend the sessions

  2. To ensure that more Australians are confident with understanding WHAT they are voting for, and can make an informed decision. 

  3. To ensure stakeholders can combat dis/misinformation during 1-1 conversations with their friends and family.

The key metrics for measuring impact against these goals would be the following:

  1. The number of sessions held.

  2. The number of people the project mobilized via the information sessions, as measured by:

    1. The number of participants.

    2. The shift in participants confidence in their knowledge about the referendum, as measured by polls before and after the sessions.

    3. The number of conversations had by session attendees about the referendum, 1 week after each session.

  3. The number of social media views/engagements/comments/reshares the campaign gains.