Flourish - A Book of Stories

Flourish - A Book of Stories, aims to improve the English language skills of children through the usage of bilingual books (English + Tamil). This project particularly intends to improve the language skills of Tamil-speaking children

A set of 8 bilingual books are being designed in collaboration with Infant Jesus Matric Hr Sec School. The stories included in the books are of Indian origin, to ensure that children can relate to the content while imbibing the values that are being discussed in the stories. Additionally, each story comes with exercises and thought-provoking activities. This will help children understand the various concepts in English that come into play in the stories. The suggested activities will also improve their understanding of the topics covered in the stories. The book is also supplemented with a mobile app, that has interesting content to kindle the creative side of young minds.

After all the books have been developed, they will be disseminated to organizations that can use the books to improve the language skills of the children. The books will be distributed to over 800 students in a rural school as a pilot. In the subsequent stages of the project, over 5000 children are planned to be impacted directly through partnerships with schools and various other organisations. 

The goal of the project is to improve the English language skills of Tamil-speaking children through the easy availability of bilingual books.