Fostering Inclusive Volunteerism for Climate Action and Climate Justice in Katsina

The problem we are addressing with the "Fostering Inclusive Volunteerism for Climate Action and Climate Justice in Katsina" project is the limited engagement of diverse community members, particularly young people and women, in climate action and climate justice initiatives in Katsina. Target Group: Our project primarily targets young people, especially students and early career professionals, as well as women from various backgrounds in Katsina. We aim to engage and empower these groups to actively participate in climate-related activities. Proposed Solution: To address this issue, our hub is implementing a multi-faceted approach that includes awareness campaigns, capacity-building workshops, and mentorship programs. We are fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among young people and women by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and platforms to contribute effectively to climate action and climate justice efforts. Hub Activities: Our specific actions include organizing climate awareness workshops and seminars, facilitating mentorship sessions, conducting community outreach programs, and collaborating with local environmental organizations to create opportunities for hands-on involvement in climate initiatives.

Short-term and Long-term Goals: In the short term, we aim to raise awareness and educate at least 500 young people and women in Katsina about climate change and its impact. In the long term, we strive to see a significant increase in the number of active volunteers engaged in climate action projects and an enhanced understanding of climate justice principles in our community.

Available Metrics: Our metrics include tracking the number of participants in our workshops, the number of community engagement events organized, the number of volunteer sign-ups, and the successful implementation of at least two climate action projects in the community. We also assess the impact through surveys measuring knowledge gain and increased participation in climate initiatives. Project Collaborators: We are collaborating with local environmental NGOs, academic institutions, and government agencies working in the field of climate action and environmental sustainability to leverage their expertise and resources in achieving our project's objectives.