Foundations For Tomorrow Adelaide

Problem Statement: Australian youth need their voice heard by the government and industry in order to action a youth-driven recovery to the pandemic. 

Target Group: Australian youth and their allies, government, industry

Proposed Solution: To drive a high-scale dialogue between Australian youth and influential leaders across government, business, and other key sectors/stakeholder groups to co-design what the future of Australia should look like.

Hub Activities: The Adelaide hub is contributing to the FFT cross-hub collaboration by:


1. Hosting a dialogue – we plan to bring together some key partner organisations and identify experts in the three topics of Conscious Consumerism, Next Generation Impact and Ethics, and Achieving Net Zero - and host a discussion or workshop which involves young people being able to participate in the dialogue.

2. Supporting the campaign - one hub member using their experience in consulting to create artifacts for the online campaign that will run for one month

3. Building partnerships – one hub member has a background in community building and is leveraging this skillset to help secure partnerships that engage organisations that have a large youth base to hold dialogues and pledge survey submissions

4. One hub member is part of the national advisory committee providing strategic input and feedback


- Support our participating hub members to be active contributors the national project team

- We hope to partner with several local/national organisations (such as Committee for Adelaide, SouthStart, ConsciousCities, etc) in our dialogue and are aiming to engage a diverse range of youth and experts as participants to join the event and submit a survey response