Foundations For Tomorrow Melbourne

Problem Statement: Australian youth need their voice heard by government and industry in order to action a youth-drive recovery to the pandemic.


Target Group: Australian youth and their allies, government, industry


Proposed Solution: The Foundations for Tomorrow (FFT) project aims to drive a high-scale dialogue between Australian youth and influential leaders across government, business, and other key sectors/stakeholder groups to co-design what the future of Australia should look like.

 This project is cross-hub collaboration between Australian hubs being led by the Sydney hub – see their project page here:


Hub Activities: The Melbourne hub is contributing to the FFT cross-hub collaboration by:

 1. One of our hub members is co-leading this project with the Sydney hub founder – helping to coordinating the project nationally with the seven other participating hubs

2. Hosting a dialogue – we will be hosting a dialogue on conscious consumerism, focusing on ending fast fashion, on the Earth Day the 22nd of April

3. Supporting the campaign – two hub members are contributing their skills of creative design, film making and storytelling to design the online campaign that will run for one month

4. Building partnerships –two other hub members using their experience in the sustainable development space and international relations to help secure partnerships that engage organisations that have a large youth base to hold dialogues and pledge survey submissions

5. Writing the Uniquely Australian Report on how to build back better – lastly, two hub members are using their experience in consulting to support drawing out insights from the dialogue and writing them into an engaging report

6. One hub member is part of the national advisory committee providing strategic input and feedback



- Support our participating hub members to be active contributors the national project team

- We hope to partner with a local organisations in our dialogue and are aiming to engage 30 participants to join the event and submit a survey response