Fund a Tree Restore an Ecosystem

Sto. Domingo, Quezon, Bukidnon is a Manobo community that has long experienced ecological, social, and economic disadvantages to this day. They face deforestation due to excessive and illegal logging, loss of livelihood from unfair market prices faced by farmers, and declining cultural practices and values.


In partnership with Salumayag Youth, the hub raised funds to support the Manobo community’s efforts to restore their ecosystem. The hub was able to raise 65,000 Philippine pesos. The majority of proceeds went towards the purchase of necessary materials and seedlings for the project, while a small portion of proceeds went towards Salumayag Youth’s efforts to provide training and share the culture and stories of indigenous communities in Bukidnon.

Project goals:

1. Set up a tree nursery, seedbank and herbarium

2. Training and dialogue: community conversations with the farmers, women and youth