Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs - Phase 1-2

The Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs Programme is personal development programme focussing on young standouts and talents geared towards shaping future leaders and entrepreneurs outside of school hours.

The curriculum focuses on particular skills complementing the existing educational system. In the digital age, education has become transformational. The traditional educational system can't keep up with these rapid changes and shift in society, in both technological and methodological sense, making it important that students understand the importance of knowledge sharing rather than studying a textbook inside out. In addition, teachers face the daunting task of not only sharing knowledge, but also containing a classroom, which has more distractions than ever.

The Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs programme is geared towards self study and personal development based on personal interests rather than a top down educational structure, with courses focussing more on soft skills and developmental tools, leaving the content of the interest fields to the students themselves. The programme however, does not replace the students' education, but adds to their leadership and entrepreneurial skills at a young age.

The initial target group for the Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs programme are standouts and talents between the ages of 14-18. This group often already has the potential and is in the ideal position to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, but is also the most distracted and peer pressured group. While getting this group involved might be a challenge, it is the group who would benefit from this particular programme. Depending on the demand, terms for application could vary in age group and other participation requirements. To make this programme scalable, it has been split up into three separate phases.

Phase 1. Pilot (August – September 2014) Phase 2. Programme (January – March 2015) Phase 3. Academy (Start August 2015)