Future Makers

The Bucharest Hub Future Makers competition helps young people develop their entrepreneurial mindset and gain a change-maker attitude by preparing for the challenges that will come in a world dominated by technology.

Future Makers engages young adults passionate about entrepreneurship, future trends and prospective thinking. Over 1’600 young people (20-29-years-old) from 17 cities and universities in Romania participated in entrepreneurial workshops throughout February-May 2018, with the help of the 44 local and national partner organizations and universities and 30 media partners. Over 125 teams submitted their ideas and 50 business ideas were selected to take part in an incubation programme during which ideas were converted into feasible start-up models. At the end of the competition, teams delivered a pitch in front of a jury for prizes worth 20,000 Euros.

For the second edition of Future Makers in 2019, over 2’000 young people participated in workshops in 23 cities across Romania to better understand future trends and how they impact their future. Many of these young people had the opportunity to work on their business ideas and support one another. This year, 121 teams applied for a four months incubation programme and another opportunity to win prizes of 20,000 Euros.