Future of Mobility Series

The World Economic Forum reports that by 2050, about 70% of the world’s population will live, commute and work in urban areas. Mobility and energy are integral to the transformation of our cities to support this trend in order to avoid both pollution and congestion. The continuing importance of combating climate change and the subsequent innovations in transportation technology are inspiring mobility and its place in Smart Cities.


To bring this to the forefront of the business community, government, startups, and those interested in the topic in Adelaide, the hub hosted a Future of Mobility series. In doing so, the hub invited participants into a uniquely interactive event. Audience members and a panel of experts discussed pressing issues in an open, two-way conversation around what future mobility looks like, and what we need to do in order to make Australia a global leader in creating intelligent, sustainable, and livable cities of the future.

Through a hybrid and engaging format, the hub provided South Australians with three opportunities to participate in contemporary discussions, learn, network and potentially develop a co-created outcome. In doing so, the hub aspired to expand participants' knowledge on the significant changes ahead for mobility, from breakthroughs in technology (such as autonomous vehicles), innovative applications, and the policies and regulations which will shape (and be shaped by) consumer demands.

In total, the hub ran three events (with roughly 60 participants in each), identified tangible short and medium term opportunities, and gained critical insight into policy and regulations that will enable innovation. To finalise this project, the hub will be putting forward recommendations to local governments to support policy change that enhances shared spaces for micro-mobility models and dedicated parking spaces for shared mobility pick-up/drop off points.