Future of Water

Sustainable Development Goal 6 is crystal clear: water for all by 2030. But today, billions of people are still living without safe water – their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive. Marginalized groups – women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people and many others – are often overlooked, and sometimes face discrimination, as they try to access and manage the safe water they need. Global Shapers Community’s “Future of Water” project is about tackling the water crisis today by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind and safeguarding the future of clean water. We intend to influence 10,000 people to use water mindfully, amplify conversation around how water can be managed so that no one is left behind and increase awareness around adopting best water conservation and management techniques and practices such as rejuvenation of traditional wells, rain water harvesting, reusing water, wastewater management, #GlassHalfFull initiative etc. By adopting the simple techniques and practices we advocate, each person will be able to conserve 100 litres of water per day, 3,000 litres of water a month and 36,500 litres in a year. Our ultimate goal is to create the possibility of saving 365,000,000 litres of water by influencing 10,000 people to save water this year.

We have planned to organize offline events/seminars, awareness campaigns such as World Water Day events, Rain Water Harvesting Awareness campaigns and send out “Future of Water” letters to community members and reach 10,000 people. We have currently reached out to 1,350 people through our initiatives.