Future of Work

The Skopje Hub wants to address the lack of awareness and interest from the Macedonian citizens for reskilling, upskilling, and for the concept of the future of work. The labor market is changing and we all have to be aware and prepared for that. The need for the establishment of a partnership between the key stakeholders in this process is crucial, now more than ever. Because of that, the Hub will work on the establishment of sustainable partnership consisting of representatives from different stakeholders such as different national companies, policy-makers, CSOs, education and training providers, and individuals through which we will aim to raise awareness of the need to be prepared for the concept of future of work. 

On a long term, the Hub envisions that indirectly this will affect no employee to lose their job and to be prepared for the changes in the labor market. 

With the project activities, the Hub aims to reach the following key stakeholders: representatives from companies, policy-makers, CSOs, individuals, educational and training providers.

The following activities will lead us the Hub to the desired impact:

1. Reviewing the Future of Jobs` Reports produced by the World Economic Forum. 

2. Selection of key findings from the Reports that can be addressed and review from a national context through the project activities.

3. Establishment of a network of individuals, representatives from companies, policy-makers, CSOs that have messages to spread connected with the recommendations from the Future of Work reports produced by the World Economic Forum. 

4. Production of at least 6 LinkedIn articles (700-1000 words) on the specified key findings by different individuals (Shapers, representatives from companies, policy-makers, CSOs) on national language that will cover their personal opinion and experience on the specific key findings. 

5. Production of at least 5 personal stories from individuals that are oriented into future of work concept and shared them through Skopje Hub`s social media accounts.

6. Development of a Communication strategy for sharing and promotion of articles and personal stories. 

7.Translation of the key findings from the latest Future of Job Report by the World Economic Forum and sharing them to the non-formal network established in the above mention activity. 

The project will cooperate with representatives from different national companies, policy-makers, CSOs, and shapers in the realization of its activities. 

Project timeline:

Start Date: February 2021 End Date: Ongoing 

Next Step: Assessment of the interest for the continuation of the project and its continuation on a local level. 

Our goal and wanted impact is to establish a partnership for addressing challenges and raise awareness for the future of work concept. 

The measurable goals are:

# of key findings that will be addressed and assessed on a national context. 

# of members of the non-formal network. 

# of Articles and personal stories produced in the frame of the project. 

Identified opportunities for project continuation.