Future of Work Series

Problem statement:

Technology continues to shape how people and organizations create value, from businesses undergoing digital transformation to employees acquiring the in-demand technology skills employers are looking for. We aim to help participants acquire the necessary information and skills to become relevant and not be left out in the future of work.

Target group: Undergraduate students Recent graduates Early-career professionals. Proposed solution: Over different sessions and through community building, we would introduce participants to different tech fields and support them to acquire in-demand tech skills. We would achieve this by inviting subject-matter experts to facilitate learning sessions, connect participants with opportunities for upskilling in tech, and connect them with internship and job opportunities.

Project activities:

1. Hosting informative webinars with subject-matter experts

2. Supporting beneficiaries in an online community.

3. Connecting beneficiaries with scholarships and upskilling opportunities.

4. Connecting beneficiaries to tech jobs and internship opportunities.

Short-term goals:

1. Get more people interested in technology and the changing nature of work.

2. Organize specific webinars on various tech fields as a platform for driving dialogue.

Long-term goals:

1. Enable participants to adopt tech skills and solutions in their current careers.

2. Support participants to transition into tech careers.

Project metrics:

1. Number of webinar registration

2. Number of webinar attendance

3. Number of participants in the program community

4. Number of opportunities shared

5. Number of participants who acquired new skills.

6. Number of participants who got a new job/internship.