جازفِ GASFE (Greening a Scout’s Future Education)

Problem Statement: Egyptian Girl Scouts are in need of more accessible climate educational methods and green career guidance that could help them alleviate their persistent climate illiteracy, introduce more sustainable practices in their activities, as well as, provide them with broader insights and mentorship on the prospective green career paths that they could pursue.

Target group: The program would initially be offered for girl scouts between the ages (15-17); a decisive age where scouts have increased agency to enact change in their community and academically are faced with the growing necessity to choose a university to be enrolled in.

Proposed Solution: Alexandria hub will be organizing a dynamic two months training program through which 45 girl scouts will be taking part in interactive environmental awareness, creative climate advocacy and green career guidance workshops; that will be complemented by the organization of field trips to frontline communities to the climate crisis in Alexandria, as well as, green startups that are working on innovating solutions to offset the impacts of said crisis.

Activities: In light of the above, Alexandria hub will be conducting the following activities:

  • Developing a small Arabic climate handbook, encompassing the most important facts and definitions about the climate crisis articulated in a simple manner.

  • Conducting environmental awareness workshops that would focus on introducing the scouts to the climate crisis and some related topics.

  • Conducting green career guidance workshops.

  • Conducting parallel sessions with the parents to help them understand the future of jobs, in particular green careers, and dispel stereotypes surrounding the topic.

  • Conducting creative climate advocacy workshops that would provide the scouts with the means to use the different forms of art (storytelling, acting, poetry, photography) in delivering their climate message.

  • Organizing at least three field trips to frontline communities and eco-enterprises.

  • Organizing 2-3 post mentorship sessions to overlook the progress of the scouts and their ability to confer the knowledge that they had gained throughout the project.

  • Developing a climate expert network that comprises at least 10 experts and connecting them with the scouts post the conclusion of the training period.

Short Term Goals:

  • Providing at least 3 workshops on climate change to 45 girl scout leaders -Introducing the above target group to at least 4 different green career paths they can pursue.

  • Conducting at least 3 field trips to marginalized communities and green startups to directly expose the girls to some of the green careers that they can pursue, as well as introduce them to the people most affected by the crisis.

  • Capturing the stories of climate solutions and struggles of the communities visited, through pieces of poetry, articles and/or music produced by the girls in a digital creatuve book.

  • Connecting the scouts with a network of at least 10 green experts and scheduling at least 4 follow up calls with the scout heads.

Long Term Goals

  • Reshaping the conventional climate educational methods.

  • Creating an Arabic digital library for climate curriculum.

  • Producing 45+ Ambassadors responsible for conferring their acquired knowledge to other scouts in Egypt.

  • Equipping 45+ scouts with the skills and knowledge to participate in the green economy.

  • Helping the scouts adopt long lasting sustainable practices in the events that they organize

Metrics: Number of:

  • Scout Girls enrolled in (beneficiaries from) the program

  • Climate educational sessions & creative climate advocacy workshops delivered green career guidance workshops

  • Art works produced (i.e. photos/poems/videos/interviews/articles) field trips conducted mentoring sessions

  • Scouts sustainable events organized -knowledge sharing sessions conducted by the scouts

  • Experts and partners involved

  • Students choosing a green career path

Collaborators: The Climate Reality Project