Generation Women

Generation Women is a project aiming to empower the next generation of young female professionals in Brussels and provide them with the opportunity to meet and interact with each other and established professionals.

This project is to empower the next generation of young female professionals in Brussels by organizing workshops, talk series and conferences. The hub activities include creating an online community (platform TBD) and organizing an impact focused event series of one event per quarter. The project also aims to organize at least one conference with 50+ attendees.

The short-term goals of the project are to create a trusted and safe community for young female professionals and to organize the impact focused event series. The long-term goal of the Generation Women project is to create a sustainable and impactful community that supports the personal and professional development of young female professionals in Brussels, ultimately leading to increased representation of women in leadership positions and a more inclusive and diverse job market in the city. The desired outcomes of the project include increased personal and professional development opportunities for young female professionals in Brussels.


Metrics to measure the success of the project include the number of attendees at the impact focused event series and conference, the engagement on the online community platform (once established), and the feedback from participants about the impact of the project on their personal and professional development.