Get Happy, Healthy and Fit!

Impact: Personal well being, reducing the use of antidepressants by presenting options and natural tools as ways to deal with emotional stress and anxiety.


Our project will achieve the following activities in order to solve the challenges:

  1. Exercising in nature, near the river Vardar in Skopje, on the already made sports corner with exercising tools for basic bodyweight exercising. There will be 4 trainers who will show the participants how to use the machines and some effective exercises that everybody can practice on their own in the future. These exercising areas are public and free for use. The expected number of participants in this activity will be two groups of 15 participants (total 30). For this, we will need: 4 trainers and exercising gloves for the participants.

  2. The second activity will be a Zumba class at the open space next to the area mentioned in the previous activity. For this, we will need two Zumba instructors, music, water, healthy snacks. Number of participants: 20

  3. Mindful exercise and practical tips for exfoliation of the skin described in detail under "DIY skincare:" 30 participants

  4. The fourth activity will be YOGA in the park on a surface with grass, and this will follow after a break and the skincare recipe. This will be yoga applicable for all yoga levels. We will ask the participants to bring their own yoga mat and will ask the yoga trainer to bring some mats which we can borrow in case someone has no mat and wants to participate. The optimal number of participants: 20


Weather conditions (rain) - we will move the event on another day if the weather cast says it might rain.

Also, some of the trainers may not be able to come - that is why we will book at least two of each at the event.

Finally, a lack of sponsors for snacks, water, and other resources.

The goal is to reach 100 people directly through the activities that are part of this project. An additional impact of this project is the number of indirect people who will hear about the project in general from the Global Shapers Community, which will be a much larger number. This extended impact will result from a social media campaign that will be part of the project activities (sharing results on social media, Facebook and Instagram). We are planning to reach 1000 people in one year through the social media campaign and through the events which will take place in Skopje.