Global AI Hub

Nobody knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. What are the governance structures needed to hold artificial intelligence (AI) accountable? And how do we ensure AI services are used as a responsible, inclusive tool for the next generation?

Montreal hub will work with AI research and development centres to host inclusive roundtables, town halls and consultations to put traditionally marginalized stakeholders at the same drawing board as the city’s leading software engineers and technology business managers. This will be done not in elite boardrooms and conference halls, but local community centres, food shelters and local libraries.

As Montreal evolves into a major centre for AI, Shapers will also aim to develop the city’s professional standards and codes of ethics applicable to AI workers and pre-emptively make recommendations to local and provincial policymakers to adapt regulations and social programs before the flood of capital limits the city’s affordable housing supply, an important lesson learned from cities like San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver.