Shaping AI Montreal

Problem Statement:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the top of policy agendas for governments and other stakeholder groups at both national and international levels. As of October 2021, 36 countries have issued a National AI strategy, in addition to six international AI strategies. Artificial intelligence thought leaders highlight this period as "a moment of choice and opportunity. It could be the best 10 years ahead of us that we have ever had in human history... because we have more power than we have ever had before.”


Per the ethos of our Global Shapers Community, with the largest youth population in history, there is an unprecedented opportunity for young people to take an active role in shaping the future. It is true that our generation has inherited enormous global challenges, but with AI as one of the tools at our disposal, we have the ability to confront the status quo and offer youth-led solutions for change.



This cross-hub collaboration project aims to stimulate the global Shapers' excitement and expertise towards, first, shaping AI as a responsible and ethical technology, and second utilizing AI as a tool to shape a just, prosperous, and compassionate future. Hence, the project starts by focusing on youth engagement in AI, and then, empowering the youth by providing the knowledge, resources, and connections to build impactful AI projects, spanning both policy and technology development alike. 


Accordingly, the project is divided into two parts as per below. Please note, if you are well versed already with your local AI-ecosystem, you could potentially skip to part [2]. Nonetheless, we highly encourage conducting part [1] in all cases given its value in achieving clarity around your AI ecosystem.

How to Get Involved:

>> Part [1]: Conduct your very own "Public Engagement in AI" initiative. 

Host an event convening critical stakeholders in your AI ecosystem discussing the methodologies by which it has engaged / plans to engage the public. This event is designed to help you accomplish multiple goals simultaneously:

1. Identify, map out, and connect with key players in your AI ecosystem. 

2. Identify the already existing ways by which your AI ecosystem has been engaging the public, and particularly its youth.

3. Identify the most critical priorities and needs facing your region's AI ecosystem, as well as the key areas in which it could be used to serve your community.


>> Make a submission via the engagement form here, and the project leads will coordinate with you on how to select speakers, craft questions, and connect with fellow Shapers conducting a comparative analysis around public engagement in AI. 

>> Submit an account of the initiative documenting the main outcomes, insights, and recommendations achieved from the initiative. Link to be shared soon.


>> Part [2]: Build your own AI project. 

Inspired by the connections you now have, and armed by the insights you have uncovered from your "public engagement in AI" initiative, you are well positioned to utilize AI as a tool to serve your community. We have compiled the following list of steps to walk you through the process.

1. Via your own research or by consulting with the AI ecosystem experts you have connected with, identify the following two areas:

a) What are the main challenges / needs facing your AI ecosystem? This can span funding, talent, policy, etc.

b) What are impactful areas by which AI can serve your city? This can span health, climate, education, policy, jobs, etc.


2. Decide if you'd like to focus on (a) or (b), and craft a project proposal utilizing the GSC community's project planning template (see under section 2. Project stages). 


3. Submit your project on TopLink using the guidelines from the Upload your project to TopLink guide, using the project title: "Shaping AI [city name]" (e.g. Shaping AI Montreal).


If you need guidance throughout any step of the process, don't hesitate to reach out to "Shaping AI" project leads. We are happy to help!