Global Assembly Project

The Global Assembly Project was a multi-month project that culminated in the participation of the Hub and project volunteers at the first-ever global citizen's assembly on climate change at COP26 (UN Climate Change Conference).


The COP26 conference brought together 120 world leaders and over 40 thousand participants to discuss the future of climate change. The Global Assembly is "a first of its kind in the world, conceived to raise community voices at global level for the sustainable future of planet Earth" (source).


Our role was to facilitate the participation of Los Angeles' representatives to the Global Assembly.


We recruited 6 potential local participants from Los Angeles. Global Assembly then determined the final participants from that group. We were honored to support our representatives LaNeisha Hodo and Zan Dubin-Scott through the approximately 60 hours of Core Assembly meetings leading up to COP26. This included collaborations with 300 other individuals from across the globe. We handled the necessary reporting and documentation to facilitate their participation. The representatives generated citizen-lead recommendations that were presented at COP26 as the People’s Declaration for the Sustainable Future of Planet Earth. LaNeisha and Zan are now both fellows of the California Climate Action Corps.


"I appreciated that Global Assembly took in my feedback to the People's Declaration. The changes I wanted to see were reflected in the final product."

- Zan Dubin-Scott


"Getting to hear from people outside of the United States was an amazing experience. Shows you how global the crisis of climate change truly is."

- LaNeisha Hodo


Read the full Declaraction presented at COP26 here:



Watch citizen representative present their proposals at COP26:


By participating in COP26, we were able to facilitate our representative citizens to craft a Declaration directly to world leaders in 2021. This type of public outreach, collaboration, and representation is an important tool in shaping world leaders' understanding of the public's needs and desires related to climate change.