Global Conversation Club: Sustainable Development in English

Problem Statement

Limited access to English language learning platforms and a lack of awareness regarding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among the youth in Riohacha, Colombia.

Target Group

Young individuals in Riohacha, particularly those interested in improving their English skills and learning about SDGs. This includes members of social organizations, youth groups, or anyone keen on sustainable development and language enhancement.

Proposed Solution

Empowering youth through English language learning and creating awareness about SDGs via engaging and interactive conversation club sessions.

Hub Activities

  • Organizing and conducting regular "Global Conversation Club" sessions focusing on English language discussions on SDGs.

  • Facilitating an open and accessible platform for participants of varying English proficiency levels.

  • Encouraging collaboration and networking among local youth organizations for collective growth and support.

Short and Long-term Goals

Short-term: Conduct regular club sessions focusing on English language improvement. Increase awareness and understanding of SDGs among participants.

Long-term: Strengthen English communication skills of participants. Foster collaboration and synergy among local youth organizations for sustainable development projects.

Available Metrics for "Global Conversation Club: Sustainable Development in English"

  • Number of participants engaged in each club session.

  • Progress in English language proficiency among participants (measured through evaluations or self-assessments).

  • Increased awareness and knowledge about SDGs (measured via quizzes, surveys, or feedback).

Project Collaborators

Global Shapers of Riohacha JCI Wayma Peace Corps

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