Global Shapers Gold Coast Podcast

The Global Shapers Gold Coast Podcast aims to empower the Gold Coast community to create impact in the areas of health, climate change and shaping our city's future through dialogue and action. Each episode we interview a guest who is making positive change in these areas through their outstanding work as hub mentors, community leaders, companies and members of the Global Shapers. Our aim is to become a key stakeholder group on the Gold Coast by building our brand through this podcast.  


The podcast, coupled with an increased social media engagement strategy, seeks to shine a light on localised challenges and opportunities, creating a dynamic space to support new ideas, develop solutions and drive action. By opening up a public discussion platform, the project's impact is to stimulate collaboration, shaping the agenda for our city and mobilising positive change that is needed on the Gold Coast.


We completed Season 1 of the podcast having recorded and released thirteen episodes. These episodes covered the topics of renewable energy, the circular economy, UN Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable urban planning and community development, digital education, gender equality, virus prevention and research, and innovation in Queensland's economy and health sector. As of November 2020, the podcast had 703 listens and reached at least 5 countries around the world through Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts. We recieved in-kind support from our volunteers who have used their own equipment and subscription services to build the podcast. We re-promoted season 1 through social media with ongoing engagement from listeners. 


We are currently preparing to launch Season 2 in early 2021. We were fortunate enough to recieve sponsorship from our mentors to purchase equipment and use recording rooms to improve audio quality. We were also sucessful in a local grant that we will use to extend our reach through better editing and media software. We expect increased community engagement in the podcast through new guests and topics and better recording quality that will enable us to make a tangible difference in the future of the Gold Coast. 


We want the next generation to be more acutely aware of their social impact and value. We will equip our audience with actions such as:

  • an update into what they can do in their community TODAY and longer term to be better global citizens

  • tips to live sustainably

  • opportunities to participate in our events, projects or partner initiatives

  • volunteer opportunities