Global Shapers Leadership Program (GSLP):

Extra-curricular activities involving social work, community service and improvement is a concept that has not spread yet within the minds of the youth in Morocco. In fact, most people do not get a chance to get involved in such activities until college or higher education. Most extra-curricular activities at the high school level involve sports mostly. Therefore, in order for youth to be prepared to work in partnership with adults, they need to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Promoting youth leadership development is a great way to promote positive like skills learning.
The idea is to have an intense 4-day, 3 night leadership training program that is designed to recognize, encourage, and further develop leadership skills of 11th and 12th grade high school students in Rabat, who have shown potential for rendering important service to their schools and communities.
Participants of the program would get a certificate to teenagers to recognize their efforts for displaying leadership potential and willingness to serve others.
This leadership training would prepare the youth to manage time, work as a team, set goals, start conversations, facilitate meetings, and make effective presentations.
For a first edition, Global Shapers will focus on a small number of students, not exceeding 50 teenagers. A forecasting study needs to be done taking into consideration the following points:
- The location (A resort that would include a conference room, an outdoor playground for activities, rooms, restaurant)
- The costs of bringing guest speakers to conduct three main workshops that would not exceed 2 hours: Leadership, Communication and Public Speaking, and Ethics.
To put together the leadership program, Global Shapers Rabat hub will need. The idea is to offer the program for free to outstanding students in the different high schools in Rabat. This program would be considered as a pilot program, and upon its success, it could lead to an annual program. This project can also be done in collaboration with other non-profit organization who would be willing to sponsor and help financially in the creation of the program.