Global Thrifters

The Global Thrifters is an initiative to promote, advocate and add to the importance of sustainable culture and living. It aims to connect owners who are ready to give away their pre-loved belongings and citizens who want to consciously shop such used products as against adopting fast fashion trends. The project would be hosting a series of in-person drives and stalls to promote the concept of thrift.


Webster defines 'thrift' as a careful management of money/investment. Over the years, the term has gained importance in the sustainable space as a way to resell, repurpose, upcycle, upscale existing items thus, reducing the use of, and the need for new manufacturing/produce. This mode of consuming drastically helps reduce waste as many studies have shown. 


Hence, staying true to the motto of 'one man's trash is another's treasure' we hope to spread awareness about the concept of giving away your pre-loved clothes, assign dropping points at different locations in the city for used goods collection and then conduct in person drives in residential complexes, schools and happy streets where we intend to distribute these used things to their new owners.


The phase 2 of the project would be aiming at educating everyone relevant sustainable trends, dos and don'ts within the space as well as help create a platform to embrace this much-needed culture. We also look forward to create an exclusive social media handle that hosts original content, demystifies jargons in this space, shares knowledge about everything one needs to know about thrift and brings together like-minded people while reminding how sustainability is a lifestyle.  


The goal of the project is to make thrifting accessible to all. The hub hopes to help spread awareness on adopting a sustainable lifestyle via such activities. In the age of consumerism, the hub looks to cultivate the recognition of the need for moderation in spending and financial saving - a product of sustainable living.